John Bonifas
Boeing Everett Plant

John Bonifas

Skills endorsed on LinkedIn:

  • Platforms: Win32, Win64, Fedora, CentOS, OSX, VMware, Android
  • Languages: VB, VBA, VBscript, SQL, Java, JSP, Javascript, HTML, SAS
Samples of my work:
Language   Link (click on it to view)
VB   Kitting Designer Main Form
VBA   Generic Query Analyzer
VBscript   (folder)
SQL   transact-sql query
Java - Server Side   JSP
Java - Client Side   Java GUI
Javascript/ASP/DHTML   DHTML
Javascript/PHP/DHTML   Powerpoint Web Template
Javascript/PHP/DHTML   My Schedule page
SAS   SAS/JCL job sample
My Github repository containing all the major projects that I've worked on over the years is here